TestCollab's Inbuilt Requirements Manager

Add and manage all your project requirements within TestCollab itself

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Your project needs the requirements to be managed efficiently but your team does not want to use an external tool for this, here is the solution... Start using TestCollab's inbuilt requirements management system to :

  • Add

  • Update

  • Group with folders

  • Have custom fields for additional properties

  • Rearrange

  • Filter

  • Delete, and above all

  • Link requirements with new and existing test cases

Configuring the project to use inbuilt requirements manager

Like other requirements managers TestCollab's inbuilt requirement manager also requires initial configuration for the project so that the feature can be used.

  • Start by enabling the requirements mapping for the project.

  • Select TestCollab as source of requirements

  • Under Configure section a project key that would be used to identify the requirements added need to be provided

  • Save the settings

Requirements management

The interface for requirements management is simple and straight forward. Easy access to requirements list requirements folders, filters and columns.

Managing custom fields

In order to extend the properties associated with requirements you can have the custom fields added and managed.

Adding requirements folder

To organize the requirements, the folders can be used that can be maintained to group the related requirements and have them managed in hierarchical order

Once a folder is added all the relevant actions can also be performed on them:

  • Adding sub folder

  • Editing and deleting folder

  • Drag and drop to change position and hierarchy

Adding requirements

Form to add requirements not only gives the option to simply add title and description but it has options to select a folder , provide values for custom fields and link test cases.

Only title and the required custom fields are mandatory, all other fields are optional.

Linking requirements from test case manage page

Just like the test cases can be linked while adding or editing requirements; requirements can also be linked from test cases manage page.

Editing and deleting requirements

Editing and deleting is again easy simply click on requirement on the grid and on the requirements view panel use the action buttons.

Note: Premium plan users can only use a single source of requirements across all projects they have, and this applies on inbuilt requirements manager as well, that means if you have opted to use Jira as source of requirements for a project earlier then you cannot use inbuilt requirements manager as the source.

As on date of writing TestCollab's inbuilt requirements management feature is available for companies on Elite plan or Enterprise plan. For more details please refer https://testcollab.com/pricing

Please do share your feedback on the feature along with any suggestions you may have.

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