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Requirements Management using Asana

Manage Project Requirements with Asana and Link with Test Cases in TestCollab

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This guide introduces the feature that allows you to utilize project requirements (tasks) managed in Asana, enabling you to link them with test cases, organize and search them in the requirements list, and generate a traceability matrix in TestCollab.

Configuring Asana as the Source of Requirements

To begin utilizing stories from Asana, follow these steps to configure the requirements management settings for your TestCollab project:

Configure Asana as source of requirements in TestCollab

Steps to Configure:โ€‹

  • Select Asana as the source of requirements

  • Sign-in to your Asana account

  • Select your Workspace

  • Select the project from where you want the tasks to be linked as requirements

  • Save the settings.

Linking Requirements with Test Cases

Once the requirements mapping has been enabled for the current project, linking tasks from Asana with test cases becomes straightforward. You can search for the tasks by their title when adding or editing test cases (this includes bulk update actions also).

Link requirements from Asana with test cases in TestCollab

Requirements Index

The requirements currently linked in the project can be accessed on the requirements index. On the Requirements Index:

  • All requirements are listed and can be arranged by any column.

  • You can filter requirements based on their properties.

  • The "Linked test cases count" allows you to navigate automatically to the test cases management page, where test cases are filtered based on the linked requirement.

List of requirements from Asana linked with test cases in TestCollab

Traceability Matrix for Requirements

A traceability matrix report can be generated for the requirements from Asana in your project.

Traceability matrix for requirements from Asana linked with test cases in TestCollab

It provides insights into:

  • Total number of requirements.

  • Requirements covered (that have test cases linked to them).

  • Uncovered requirements (those without any associated test cases).

  • Linked test cases count.

Traceability matrix for requirements from Asana linked with test cases in TestCollab

Please see the user guide article that explains this report in detail

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