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Requirements Traceability Matrix
Requirements Traceability Matrix

Get real time updates on status of requirements and their coverage

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TestCollab presents the tabular representation of the relation between requirements and test cases linked with them as traceability matrix depicting:

  • Total number of requirements

  • Requirements covered (have test cases linked with them)

  • Uncovered requirements (having no test case associated)

  • Linked test cases count

Generating Requirements Traceability Matrix

Let us get started, option to get the requirements traceability matrix generated is under Reports menu for project.

Based on the configuration done for requirements the list would be fetched from the source. That means if you have opted to integrate with an external tool like Jira to be the source of requirements then based on issue types selected while configuring requirements settings for project, the list of all matching issues will be populated as requirements on the matrix.

If the requirements are being maintained internally (within TestCollab) then all the requirements added so far will be listed.

There is also an option to filter the requirements using custom query.

Using custom queries to filter requirements

Based on the source of requirements you can use the custom queries to filter the list of requirements to have matrix generated for specific issues/stories.


In case of Jira, you can use a valid JQL that you otherwise would use in Jira to filter issues.

An example would be :

assignee = "3692015:d1cf850c-1953-201b-bdcd-654987123d81" AND status = "To Verify" 

Other Tools

In all other cases the requirements can be searched on the basis of their titles.

Whether a custom query is used or not you would get the time when the data on this report was last updated.

At any point the filters can be reset to show up all the requirements again, and there is a "Reset" button specifically for this purpose.

Getting more details on requirements and linked test cases

All the requirements and test cases listed in matrix are linked to their respective sources. So simply clicking on the requirement id or test case id would take you to its details.

TestCollab as on date of writing this article offers integration with following external tools as source of requirements:

In addition to these you can also use Inbuilt Requirements Manager to add and manage requirements within TestCollab itself.

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