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TestCollab's Inbuilt Defects Manager

No need to depend on external tools for defects management

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If you want to get all the issues ( defects ) managed within TestCollab without a need to depend on external tools, then its possible. TestCollab offers its own defects manager.

This allows you to get :

  • Defect reported as a result of test case failure

  • Defect added to the project directly

  • Detailed view of defect's details

  • A previously added defect edited

  • Defects sorted and filtered

  • Defect deleted


Before we can use the feature we need to configure inbuilt defects manager for the project. It is easy, you start by selecting TestCollab from issue managers list.

The next step is providing project key to be used for all defects to be reported in project.

Some of the default fields are priority and status. Other than these you can also have custom fields added and configured for issues reported from project.

Note: Only administrators can configure the defects management settings for a project

Managing Custom fields

We can also have custom fields introduced for use with issues that will be reported in TestCollab. Managing custom fields for issues reported in inbuilt defects manager is similar to how the custom fields for test cases and test plans are configured.

More details on managing custom fields are available here.

Reporting a defect

The process is much like reporting defect in any other defects manager, except that the defect is added into TestCollab itself.

Managing defects

Once a defect is reported as a result of test case failure or using the add action, it's details can be accessed from Issues page.

There are options to sort test cases and filter them not only on default fields but also on custom fields added for issues.

Note: As on date of writing TestCollab's inbuilt defects management feature is available for companies on Elite plan or Enterprise plan. For more details please refer

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