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Custom Fields

Add and manage custom properties for test cases and test plans

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TestCollab provides a default set of fields for test cases and test plans that serves requirements of the most ; but sometimes it is required to have additional properties, that is when custom fields come in picture. You can have any number of custom fields added and used for test cases and test plans.

Only an administrator can add and manage custom fields. A custom field can be added either for test cases or test plans, TestCollab provides separate sections to manage them.

Adding a custom field

A custom field should be given a name that makes its purpose very clear across the application.

Field Types

The properties of a custom field depends on its type and TestCollab supports following custom field types:

  • Text

  • Textarea

  • Editor (Rich text editor)

  • Dropdown (Single selection)

  • Multiple Choice (Multiple selection)

  • Date

  • Number

  • URL

  • User (selector)

While a field of type text, textarea, editor, number and URL can have default values, a dropdown type, and multiple choice fields can have their own set of options that will be available to user for selection at the time of adding/editing test case or test plan.

Other custom field properties include:

Add to all projects

A custom field is a added globally so an administrator can decide to restrict its availability to certain projects only by disabling this option and selecting the projects that will have the custom field; or if this option is enabled then the custom field can be made usable across all projects.

Used as filter

If this property is added to a custom field then the test cases or test plans can be searched across a project on the basis of values set for this custom field.


If enabled then no test case or test plan can be saved in the project without setting a value for this custom field.

Filtering custom fields

On custom fields page, they can be filtered based on the projects they have been associated with.

Used for test plan configuration

This option is available custom field types "Dropdown" for Test Plans. When creating a custom field simply check - "Used for test plan configuration" and then this custom field will be available to use as configurations. Click here to learn more about configurations.

Reordering custom fields

The order of custom fields can be changed , and the new order will be applicable on all the projects where custom field has been added. For this the custom fields can be dragged and dropped to a new position in the desired order.

Note: Custom fields is a premium feature, so it may not be available with all the plans you may have to upgrade your current plan in order to use the custom fields.

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