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Test Plan Configurations

Create different permutations and combinations for your test plan

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What if you wanted your test cases to be executed under different scenarios like on different platforms (OS/Hardware) or in different environments (testing/production) or on different web browsers Well... all this can be easily managed with test plan configurations.

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Enable Configurations

You can enable configurations on custom field types "Dropdown". When creating a custom field simply check - "Used for test plan configuration" and then this custom field will be available to use as configurations.

How configurations help?

With configurations you can make sure whether a test case renders the expected result under different conditions if not then how much the results vary? How much time it takes for a test case to run in a particular scenario? On that basis you can analyse what can be done to reduce the gaps?

Let us take some examples, suppose you have custom fields like platform , environment and web browser added to your project and all these can be used to define configurations.

Example 1: Configurations based on single field

Selections -

Web Browser: Chrome, Firefox and IE

Here 0, 1, 2 or all 3 configurations can be selected and assigned to your testers. You can see results for test cases in Chrome, Firefox and IE in a single Test Plan.

Example 2: Configurations based on multiple fields

Here are the selections -

Web Browser: Chrome and Firefox

Platform: Linux, Windows and Mac

Possible combinations:















Now you have option to either have none, or only a few, or all of the above combinations as configurations, i.e. you can have 0 to 6 configurations.

Manual definition of configurations for test plan

As on writing this, we have introduced manual configuration definition option; herein if the number of possible combinations initially exceeds 30. With this the individual values can be selected from all (or some) of the fields to define a configuration manually while adding a test plan.

Once a Test Plan with configuration is created you will see a configuration selection dropdown each in each Test Plan-

Once configurations are in place, here is what they can be basis of:

  • Create test plans so that they can be tested in different scenarios

  • Assign test cases to testers, based on configurations

  • See results for test plan for each configuration

  • Testers can run test plan in each configuration

  • Exporting test results and compare result for each configuration

  • Filter Test Plan reports for each configuration

Note: Configurations are premium feature so they may not be the part of all pricing plans.

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