Defects Management using Asana

Get test case failures reported as tasks in Asana automatically from TestCollab

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When it comes to managing your tasks efficiently with the ability to manage complex work easily, Asana is a trustworthy name for project management.

TestCollab now offers integration with Asana as defects manager; this feature allows a tester to report an issue in Asana automatically in the event of a test case failure.

Integration with Asana as a defects manager is the next in the series of defects managers that TestCollab supports.

Configuring Asana as defects manager

Asana integration in TestCollab


  • Start by enabling defects management for the current project

  • Select Asana as defects / issue manager

  • Sign-in to your Asana account

  • Select your Workspace

  • Select the project where you want the tasks to be added to

  • You can also opt to show certain Asana fields on report defect page

  • Save the settings

  • Optionally you can test the settings to make sure that a task is added in Asana


  • Assignee field will list all the members added to workspace

  • The defects settings can only be done by administrator(s) of the company. To configure.

Connecting other user's Asana accounts

Users, other than the administrator (who has configured defects management) can also link their Asana to let them be identified as task author.

After navigating to defects management settings page, user can connect his account.

Asana integration in TestCollab

Once user has linked Asana account, he would be treated as author for the tasks added by him while running test cases.

Reporting defect

To know how tester can report defect at the time of running a test case if it fails, please refer this article.


  • Integration with Asana is available for companies on Premium or higher plans

  • If you encounter an error that is not specific to the defect being reported then please consider checking the project specific defects management settings to see if the connection you configured is still valid, as sometimes change in Asana profile / API token may invalidate the connection.

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