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Reusable Suites

Take re-usability to the next level with reusable suites feature

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We often end up copying test cases from one project to another if we ever want to use same test case again, that looks fine at the beginning but what if we make any changes in the test cases that were copied, we will have to update each and every copy thus created manually!

TestCollab offers a feature of linking test suites between different projects that would enable :

  • Reusing same set of test cases across multiple projects

  • Since the test suites are linked in other project any change in source would automatically be reflected in target projects too

  • Updating include changes in test suite itself, its children or any test cases that come under them

It is also possible to have more than one test suite selected from the source project on reusable suites page.


  1. Linking and un-linking test suites in target project are all governed by the permissions that have been granted to a user under the role assigned to user.

  2. Reusable suites is a premium feature (as on the date of writing this article), so this may not be available for all the companies using our application.

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