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Managing user roles and permissions
Managing user roles and permissions

Define the roles to allow or restrict the operations

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Roles are a group of permissions which provides you flexibility to assign various permissions to users across multiple projects.

TestCollab administrators define roles β€” that is, all projects have the same roles available to them. Every user can have different roles in different projects. For example- a user named Mike can have role and permissions of a tester in project A, but in project B he has a role of a manager.

By default, TestCollab accounts have 3 pre-added roles but you can add as many roles you want. The roles added by default are : Manager, Tester and Viewer. Here Manager has permissions to perform all the operations within a project, a Tester has fewer rights than the Manager and that should be sufficient to perform testing operations.

Adding a new Role

  1. Click on Administration link in Profile Menu

  2. Under Users and Roles, section click on Roles

  3. You will now see Roles page

  4. Click on Add Roles button

  5. You will now see a form to add a new Role.

Permissions are broadly divided in categories like :

  • Suites

  • Test cases

  • Test plans

  • Test plan folders

  • Running test cases

  • Reports, and

  • Miscellaneous

It should be easy to understand most of the permissions, some of the permissions however like "Edit any test case" v/s "Edit test cases only created by them" need special attention, if you allow a user to "Edit any test case" then he/she would be able to make changes to the test cases that have been added by any user in the team including the administrators, if you want to restrict a user from doing so then select "Edit test cases only created by them" and leave "Edit any test case" unchecked.

"Can bulk update test cases" is also a related permission that can be set only when you want to allow operations on any of the records.


Roles can be edited, deleted or can also be copied.

Assigning Role to team members

You can assign role to each team member when you add team members to a project

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