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Adding Project Members
Adding Project Members

Bring your project to life by adding members to it

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It's tough to manage everything all by yourself, so a team's work is critical in making the project a success.

Let us discuss how members can be added to a project and what options are there to manage them.

Adding a member

Before we get into the details of process it is worth noting that all users with administrator rank by default have access to all the projects on TestCollab account. So the steps mentioned below apply to the limited rights users you have.

  1. Click on Settings in navigation menu

  2. Then click on Team Members

On this page you will see all Project Members.

Click on Add Members button

You can select one or more users along with the role they would be assigned to in this project. A role decides what kind of permissions a user would have in a project.

Editing members Role in Project

Role can be changed if needed using this edit option.

Deleting members from Project

Members can be removed if they are no longer needed in the project, a member once removed will not have any access to the project.

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