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Running your Test Cases
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Running your test cases is important as it tells you if the application you are testing is working as expected.

In TestCollab, you can run your test cases from Run page.

Test Run page contains following sections-

Test Cases List

All test cases included in test plan or under current configuration that are listed on the grid can very well be managed in a similar way it is done on test cases page. That means you can sort test case, filter them, show or hide the columns on grid and select one or more test cases at once and perform operations in bulk.

Bulk actions can be performed by selecting:

  • Multiple test cases using checkbox manually, or

  • Clicking checkbox in Table header to select all test cases

When you click the checkbox in table header then only the records loaded so far are selected. First 50 records are loaded initially by default and when you scroll the list down the next batch of 50 records load.

If you wish to select all test cases then click on "Select All" link on bulk action bar

Actions that can be performed in bulk on selected test cases:

  • Changing of status (marking Passed/Failed/Skipped/Blocked)

  • Changing assignee

Changing the order in which test cases will be executed by a tester

By default the test cases are shown in the same order as on test cases page , when we are running them under a test plan.

Now a tester, if required, can change the order in which test cases are to be executed as per their convenience.

Test Case View Pane

Clicking on any test case from Test case list opens up the view pane, which displays all the information about the test case.

In view panel, you can see all steps and expected results. You can also see comment as well as result posted by you for each step is test case view pane.

Run Bar

What you would see on the run panel partially depends on whether the test case to be executed has steps or not.

Enabling / disabling step-wise run

When the test case has steps you can opt to log the execution results step wise or you may log it for entire test case at once.


Tester can leave his comment to communicate his observations during the execution, if step wise run is enabled then a comment can be added for every step being run otherwise the comment would get associated with the entire test case.

Attaching files

There is often a need to attach files and artefacts to support the status you are setting for test case. Except a few potentially harmful file types all other file types are supported. If step wise run is enabled then the attached file will get associated with the current step otherwise it would be for entire test case.

Setting the result

Tester can mark each step as pass, fail, skipped and blocked

Tester can:

  • Set status for an individual step

  • Set same status for currently selected step and all the next steps remaining in the test case.

  • If step-wise run is disabled then the status would apply to the entire test case

Setting status for all / remaining steps in test cases at once.

If step-wise run is enabled , there is an option to set same status for currently selected step and for all remaining steps in the test case using the dropdown available next to the respective status buttons.

Reporting a bug for test case failure

If defects management is enabled for the current project then tester would get an option to not only mark a step or entire test case as failed but also report a bug in linked defects manager.

Understanding the timer

As soon as a test case (that is assigned to current user) is selected for execution, a timer would start to show the time spent while testing current test case, and it will continue to show and increment the time elapsed every second until :

  • If there are steps and step-wise run is enabled then the status for all the steps in test case are not set and you are automatically taken to next test case

  • If there are no steps or step-wise run is disabled and you have set status for entire test case and you are automatically taken to next test case

  • You manually navigate away from the test case by switching to next or previous test case

  • You change the selected configuration

  • You switch to some other page in the app

Note: A tester can also pause the timer if required.

Navigating between the test cases

Arrows on run panel can be used to navigate to immediately next or previous test case in the sequence. You can also click on a test case on grid to directly switch to that test case.

Progress Bar

Based on total number of test cases under the test plan or current configuration and the number of test cases executed so far, you would see the the progress of execution.

Quick Filters

Other than the filters available for test cases on grid, there are also 2 quick filters: "Show only assigned to me" and "Hide already executed"

Configuration Jumper

If configurations have been defined at the time of test plan creation then you can select the configuration for which you want to run the test cases now

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