Defects Management using JIRA

Integrate with JIRA as a defects management tool

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TestCollab as you know is all about managing test cases and their executions. A test case when executed may not get passed everytime, in that case it may become important to notify the concerned members in your team about the failure so that they make sure that the issue gets fixed.

Defects management is the feature that we offer to automatically report the failure of test cases as defects / bugs into the linked issue manager. Let us dive into the process of integrating a defects manager.

First step in this process is to enable defects management for the project

Select Issue Manager

Then select an issue manager you want to configure and link with current project so that it can have defects reported into.

As on the date of writing this article, JIRA one of the most widely used defects management tool is only being supported.

Connect the account

If there is no active user session for the issue manager on the browser then you start this step by logging onto it. Once your credentials are successfully verified you would then be asked to authorize TestCollab and grant the permissions it requires to perform the defects management operations.

If the JIRA user is linked with more than one JIRA site then you would be asked to select site you want to authorize the app for.

Please note that the user configuring these settings should have rights to access users , projects and issues data in connected JIRA instance.

Configure the connection

A series of selection is what it requires to complete this step:

  • The JIRA instance you want to link with

  • JIRA project to which the reported defects will be added, and

  • Type of issue to be created

Followed by this the value for any other default or custom field that is set as mandatory on your JIRA instance is to be provided.

As an option you can also provide values for other default and custom fields present in JIRA.

Selection of Board

In order to get the list of values for special fields like Sprint and Epic , selection of value for Board is important, if any of the boards is not selected then a simple textbox will be available for entry of Sprint or Epic Id.

Test connection

This is to make sure that whatever configuration you have done so far is correct by reporting a test defect in the linked issue manager. If everything worked well then you would be notified about the test issue created with a link that can followed to check its details.

Simply click on Test Connection button

How can a user connect his JIRA account ?

A user who is either an admin who has not done defects manager settings for current TestCollab project or a limited rights user would from now on get option to link his/her JIRA account on defects settings page of the project.

Once the user's JIRA account is linked he/she would be treated as reporter of the issue being reported by him/her as a result of test case failure while it is being run.

Reporting defect

What we have done so far is the configuration of defects management feature for our TestCollab project, the real action is at the time of running a test case when a tester gets option to report defect for a failed test case. Read details here

Note: If you encounter an error that is not specific to the defect being reported then please consider checking the project specific defects management settings to see if the connection you configured is still valid, as sometimes change in JIRA profile may invalidate the connection.

Test Collab also offers Jira bi-directional plugin, to see how that works, click here-

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