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Configuring QA Copilot Settings
Configuring QA Copilot Settings

Set up the QA Copilot for automation of test cases

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Here are the steps you can follow to enable and configure the feature:

  1. Login as an administrator of your TestCollab account.

  2. Navigate to the project for which you want to enable the feature.

  3. Use "QA Copilot" option under "Settings" menu.

  4. On the settings page, click on "Enable QA Copilot". You should now see "Token balance", "QA Copilot Status", and "Configure App" button.

  5. Click on "Configure App" button to provide the details of the web app you want to be tested.

  6. Enter the "URL" that will be used to initiate tests for the web application from.

  7. You can also optionally change the values for :

    1. "Step Training Timeout Limit" - the time QA Copilot should wait for an element to be visible or for an operation to be finished before marking the step as failed, at the time of training; and

    2. "Execution Timeout Limit" - timeout limit for execution when test cases are added to a test plan and assigned to QA Copilot.

There is also a section on QA Copilot settings page that gives details about the test cases being trained currently and the history of previously trained test cases.

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