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Executing automated Test Cases
Executing automated Test Cases

Take advantage of regression testing for automated test cases.

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After the QA Copilot has completed its training for automation of test cases, they are now ready to be executed. For this, they need to be added to a test plan.

Filtering Test Cases

On test cases page, apply a filter with condition "Automation status" = "Automation Ready". This will list up all the test cases for which QA Copilot has been trained and are ready to be executed.

Creating Test Plan

  • Select the test cases that are to be included in test plan.

  • Click on "Create Test Plan" button.

  • On create test plan wizard, complete first two steps, and when you reach the "Assignment" step, select "QA Copilot" as assignee for test cases.

  • Click "Done" to finish the wizard.

The test cases are executed and the results are populated almost instantly.

If the "Automation status" for a test case is other than "Automation Ready", it would not be run by QA Copilot and would simply be marked as "Skipped".

The Results

You can then navigate to the test plan test cases list page and see the execution logs. Click on a test case, to see its details. The status for every step will be shown and after details of all the steps you will also get "Run attachments", which includes a video taken during the execution of the test case.

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