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Review Status and Their Impact on Test Cases
Review Status and Their Impact on Test Cases

Know what are the various status a test case can be in and what are the possibilities.

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A test case can be in any one of the following state as far as review status is concerned:

  • Approved

  • Review pending

  • Update requested

  • Rejected

Approved state

If approval is not mandatory for the current project, then a test case after creation or after being updated acquires the Approved status by default.

All operations can be performed by an authorized user on test cases individually or in bulk that are in approved state.

Review pending state

If approval is mandatory for the current project, then a test case after creation or after being updated acquires the status of Review Pending, and the author who performs the add/edit operation on test case is required to select the reviewer for test case. Author also has option to leave comments for reviewer.

Update requested state

If a reviewer finds any anomaly in the test case being reviewed then he can request the author to make certain changes. For this he has to select the option Request Changes and optionally leave comments to let the author know about the changes requested.

There can be any number of change requests by reviewer and updations by author before the test case is either approved or rejected by reviewer.

Rejected state

If reviewer is of an opinion that the test case newly added or the changes done after last approval are not acceptable, then he can reject the changes. Here are the scenarios:

New test case: If a new test case was added and sent for review, then selecting Reject will mark the test case as Rejected , although it will be listed on test case index but no operations can be performed on it (see next section for more details) and it will auto deleted from system after 7 days of rejection.

Updated test case: If a test case was earlier in Approved state and it has been edited and sent for review, first it will acquire the Review Pending state but if the reviewer opts to Reject then the test case would be reverted back to the Approved state (revision) that means all the changes done in the mean time will be removed.

Note: For all the above changes in state of test case, the concerned author and reviewer will get in-app notifications and will also be notified by email.

What happens with a test case that is not in Approved state?

Unless a test case has been approved by its reviewer most of the operations are restricted for it. Here are the details:

Operations Restricted

  • Only the author can edit the test case individually, that too when changes are requested by reviewer

  • No actions can be performed individually or when a bulk selection consists one or more test cases that are not in approved state

    • Cannot be edited

    • Cannot be copied

    • Cannot be added to a test plan

    • Cannot be copied to other projects

    • Suite that has one or more such test cases cannot be linked in other projects (using reusable suites option)

Operations Allowed

(Individually or when a bulk selection with test cases that are not in approved state)

  • Can be exported/printed

  • Can be sorted

  • Can be filtered

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