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Project Dashboard
Project Dashboard

Hawk eye view of project for better management

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Call it the entry point or the control panel for the project... Project dashboard gives you hawk-eye view of how your project and team is performing.

The information catered through static and parameterized snippets to bring all the project details at one place.

Test Metrics

From the counts to calculated averages the data makes statistics more meaningful and analytical.

Test Case Status

Get the time period based report on number of test cases

  • passed

  • failed

  • skipped

  • blocked

Get the latest test cases execution status as it includes unexecuted test cases also.


Get details of the activities performed in the project arranged chronologically, to know:

  • what action was taken

  • who performed it

  • entities affected

  • when it was performed

User Workload

How many test cases have been assigned to team members, with bifurcation of completed and pending

Error Prone Test Cases

Track the key pain points - the test cases that have failed most of the times. Helps you investigate whether it is poor test case documentation or an issue with the application that is causing them to fail.

Defects Opened

Defects are the communication channels between the testers and developers. Know how many test cases have been reported from TestCollab into the integrated defects management application.

What's Next?

We are planning to come up with more and more analytical report snippets to make project monitoring and management easier.

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