Single Sign-on using Okta

Want to access TestCollab using SSO credentials? Now you can ...

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Remembering credentials for all the applications that you use can be difficult, moreover users of a company may like to have an alternate authentication method to be used for applications they use.

TestCollab offers an alternate authentication method using Single Sign-On (SSO) for users of Enterprise plan. As on the date of writing this article it supports Okta for SSO.

Enabling Single Sign-on

The administrators of company account can enable the feature by following these steps

  • Choose the "Single Sign-on" option under the "Settings" menu

  • Check "Enable Okta single sign-on (SSO)"

  • Login through SSO can be made mandatory by checking "All users must use Okta authentication". With this setting enabled users will be required to use only the SSO method to login, the default login method of TestCollab will not work in that case.


On the login page user gets an option of logging onto the app using your SSO credentials. If the user already has an active session on Okta then simply using this option would log the user in to the application.

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