Password Strength Policy

Get hold on security of your company's account by implementing a secured password strength policy

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TestCollab offers a password strength policy by default for all companies and it requires a user to set a password that is at least 8 characters long, this can be good for many, but if there is a need of more secured password strength policy then also it is quick and simple.

Password Policies

While setting the password strength policy, the options available are:

Password Strength Policy

Minimum number of characters

Allowed characters (at least)


At least 8 characters long



At least 8 characters long

  • An uppercase alphabet, and

  • A lowercase alphabet, and

  • A number.


At least 10 characters long

  • An uppercase alphabet, and

  • A lowercase alphabet, and

  • A number, and

  • One of these special character
    (! @ # $ % ^ & *)

What happens while upgrading from Default to Secured and from Secured to Strict password strength policy?

  • The existing passwords for all the users in company would be reset,

  • The current session for super administrator making these changes would be terminated,

  • TestCollab sends password reset links by email to all the users in the company,

  • Users will be required to use the reset password links to set their password as per the new password strength policy,

  • If a user tries to login to the application without using reset password link then he/she will not be allowed to do so

Reset All Passwords

The super administrator, irrespective of change in the password strength policy; has an option of resetting the password for all users (including his/her account).

What happens when "Reset all passwords" option is used?

All the operations mentioned in previous section would be performed except for a difference that the session for all the currently logged-in users would be terminated.


  • The password strength policy feature is available for companies that have subscribed for enterprise plan.

  • The feature can be used by the user who is of super administrator rank

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