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Audit Log

Have details of all the activities performed on your TestCollab account ...

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Managing a team is a challenge and monitoring activities of teammates is undoubtedly a crucial task.

Now using audit log in TestCollab, you can have a granular report on all types of operations been performed across all the projects on your company's TestCollab account.

Right from login or logout to operations on test cases, test plans and change in project specific or company wide settings, everything is logged for better analysis and monitoring.


Audit log is a simple yet effective tracking tool , the information is categorized under following heads:


Contents / Examples

Activity type

Login, Logout, Login Failed, Add, Edit, Delete, Status changed


User, Test plan, Test case, Custom field


Link to project dashboard


Logged in successfully, Andrew Hull is added with role - Manager


15 mins ago, an hour ago, 4 days ago


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It is possible to sort the audit log entries, to have the activities list in desired order.

Showing / hiding columns

You can select which columns you want to be shown on the grid.


Activities can be shortlisted for better analysis by applying filters on virtually all the columns

The applied filters can also be cleared using "Clear filters" option.


  • Audit logs are accessible to super administrators of companies that are on Enterprise plan

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