Copying test cases to another project

Reuse test cases across projects by simply copying them

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You and your team works on a set of test cases to give them a finite shape after a cycle of reviews , updations and approvals (depends on workflow you follow in your organization) , and you may then want these test cases to made available in other projects as well.

TestCollab now offers the feature to copy test cases from one project in bulk to another project.

Its not same as Reusable suites

Please note that this is different from reusable suites where link the suites and any changes to test suites or test cases in source project would also affect them in target project.

What it does?

It helps you create an independent copy of test cases in target project and with this any changes done to the test cases in source project will have no effect on the ones copied in target project.

How to copy test cases?

On test cases page, you can select the test cases that need to be copied in other project.

Use the following tool on bulk action bar

It takes you to the page where you can select the target project and target suite (optional) to copy test cases.

Key points to note:

  • User should have a right to add test cases in target project

  • If a test suite with same name (as in source project) already exists in target project then test cases would be copied under that test suite, otherwise a new test suite would be created.

  • Data for the custom fields that are not enabled for target project would not be available after copy in the target project

  • Since requirements are project specific , they will not be copied

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