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Getting an API Token generated
Getting an API Token generated

To access TestCollab API endpoints or use with bi-directional integration app for JIRA, you need an API token for authentication

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API token is an important security measure as it authenticates you to let you access TestCollab API or use TestCollab's bi-directional app for JIRA.

Navigate to profile settings option on menu by clicking your avatar shown at top right corner of screen, and switch to API token tab

Provide a logical label to the API token to let you understand the purpose of this token in future, a token can however be used for more than one purposes.

Once you hit Create the generated API token will be shown and this should be copied and stored at a safe location so that you can use it in future if needed.

You can have more than one API tokens generated for you for different purposes and they can have different life span as you do have option to revoke a token if you feel that it is no more required or if you doubt that its security has been compromised.

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