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Managing tags

Add, edit, search and delete tags

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All the tags can be managed at a single place in a project in TestCollab. If there are tags already associated with test cases then you can get their list on Tags page.

Let us explore the options available on tags manage page.

Adding a tag

There are many a ways tags can be added into a project, they can be added while a test case is added or edited.

If you want to introduce a tag from tags page then you can use "Add Tag" button.

Note: If a tag is already present in project then you would see an error

Editing a tag

A tag can be edited using actions menu available against it on tags manage page.

Again if the tag submitted after editing is same as an other pre-existing tag then this would lead to an error.

Search tags

When number of tags increase you may not be able to see all of them on the tags list, in this case you can use pagination options to increase the number of tags being shown on a page or to navigate between pages. You can also look for tags by using the search tool on grid.

Delete a tag

If a tag is added by mistake or needs to be removed from the project then delete action can be used for the purpose.

Note: If a tag is associated with one or more test cases then it cannot be deleted from the project

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