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Save time, reuse steps across multiple test cases

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There is often a need to have similar set of steps in multiple test cases, TestCollab makes it easy to maintain these as reusable steps.

Reusable steps once introduced can be embedded with any of the test cases across the project.

Adding reusable steps

From Test Case Add / Edit Page

The most convenient time to declare a set of steps as reusable while adding or editing test cases. We have made sure that it becomes easier for you to do so.

Just click on Save current steps as reusable steps and all the steps added so far for a test case would be saved as a new set of reusable steps.

You can insert existing reusable steps in your test case easily

From Reusable Steps Manage Page

You can also use reusable steps link in main navigation to go to reusable steps page to define new set of steps from scratch.

Just provide a clear title to identify reusable steps.

Then write steps and the results expected. Adding expected result for every step is however optional.

There is no limit to the number of steps you can have in a set of reusable steps but its often a good practice to have them confined to the purpose they are being defined for, you can have more sets added if needed.

A set of reusable steps can be edited and deleted.

A word of caution: if a set of reusable steps has been embedded in one or more test cases in project then that set cannot be deleted without removing its reference from test case.

Note: Reusable steps is a premium feature hence it may not be available with all the plans.

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