Working with Grids

Common operations that can be performed on grids in TestCollab

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TestCollab extensively uses grids to make data accessibility and management easier.

What are grids?

At the core level grid makes the data records available in rows and columns. But, that is not all! grid are flexible, easy of manage and dynamic.

grids in TestCollab

Common grid operations:

  • Showing and hiding columns

  • Sorting

  • Filtering

  • Lazy loading and selection

  • State remembrance

  • Data specific actions

Managing columns visibility

When the grid is loaded for the first time you see data for a fewer key columns, you can use Columns panel to the right of grid to show more columns, similarly you can hide the columns by deselecting them on columns list.

Every column has a title and with title you get options to manage that column:

  • Sort the grid's data on basis of column(s)

  • Pin / Unpin a column

  • Autosize column to adjust its width according to content

  • Resize manually by pulling column border

  • Drag the column to change its position

columsn on grid

Sorting the data

It is as simple as clicking on a column header. More than one consecutive clicks on column header cycles the sort direction between ascending, descending and no sort.

If sorting is applied on one column and you use the SHIFT key while clicking on another column header, then you can have the list sorted on more than one columns, note that the column selected next will have a lower precedence in sort order.

Sorting on columns

Applying filters

Filters can be applied on almost all the fields available, and based on the field types the filter criteria also varies. Advanced filters are explained in detail here

How many records are there?

By default you see count of the total number of records present in the project, if there is however any filter applied then count will be updated to show the number of filtered records.

Filtering records on grid

How records are loaded and selected?

Once the records are listed, you can select more than one rows at a time to perform bulk actions on them (if you have the rights to do so).

Selection criteria can be:

  • All the records loaded (covered below)

  • All records listed that may or may not be filtered

  • Manual selection of individual rows you want to perform operation on

When the number of records is large (more than 50) only first 50 records are loaded initially and when you scroll down the list the next batch of 50 records load. So selection of rows is also by default based on records loaded so far. If you click the select all button available on grid only the records loaded so far are selected.

Bulk actions

With the selection of more than one rows you are shown a bulk actions toolbar just above the grid, this toolbar shows the number of rows currently selected with an option to select all the records (filters applicable), making it easy to select large number of rows without waiting for them to load.

Lazy load and bulk actions on grid

State remembrance

TestCollab remembers the state in which you left the grid when you were last using it.

  • Were there any filters applied?

  • Was the list sorted on one or more columns?

  • Which columns were kept hidden?

  • Was the sequence of columns changed?

All these are part of state of grid that is remembered as long as the browser's cache is not cleared.

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