Managing Test Suites
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Why suites?

As you work with more test cases, it is beneficial to have them organized into test suites. It's also useful to group them in a hierarchy for better management.

All suite operations can be performed on the test cases page. The dedicated pane on the right of the grid is for Suite tree, where all suites in a project are maintained hierarchically.

Add suite

Suite can be added either by clicking "Add Suite" link navigation or add button on suite tree panel.

A suite is identified by its title so it needs to be unique among all the suites at same level in hierarchy.

If you are using the add suite form, then the suite being added can be made child of an existing suite in the project. Save & add another resets the form to let you add another suite.

Suites tree

Suites can be represented better in a suites tree; thanks to the fact that they can be managed in a hierarchy of parent and children.

You can also click on a suite to see test cases that have been added under this suite and its children (depending on suite configuration: see below)

Context menu attached to the nodes on suite provides option to add test cases under this suite , add suites at child level, edit , duplicate and delete the selected suite. Use right click to see Context menu.

Drag & drop

A selected suite can be dragged and dropped to change its position at same level in hierarchy on suites tree or to make it a child of other suites in hierarchy (other than its own children).

More than one suite can be selected using Ctrl key, and dropping all selected suites (that may be at different levels on tree currently) would change position for all and also the parent if they are dropped within a suite.

Suites configuration

If you wish to see only the test cases that are added immediately under selected suite or to only show details of selected suite, and not to include ones from child suites then click on suites configuration icon and check "Show Immediate children only".

Editing suite

It looks like a straight forward process, but if you are changing the parent of a suite then it changes the hierarchy for entire suites tree.

Deleting a suite

This action applies not only to the selected suite but its entire hierarchy i.e. all its children, a suite once deleted cannot be restored therefore utmost caution must be taken while deleting a suite because this action would not only delete the selected suite but also all test cases that come under this suite and its children.

The relevant references of deleted test cases would also be removed from the test plans they have been added to.

Duplicating a suite

Just like deleting, duplicating also works on entire hierarchy of selected suite, so all the test cases under the current suite and its children would also be duplicated under the same parent to which the selected suite belongs.

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