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Managing Test Plan Folders
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Folders can be used to maintain a hierarchy of test plans for better management. All operations related to test plan folders can be performed from the test plans page.

Adding a folder

Folder can be added either by clicking add button on test plan folder panel. A folder title needs to be unique among all the folders at same level in hierarchy.


Test plan folders tree

The folders can be managed in a hierarchy of parent and children. Clicking on folder name lists the test plans that come under selected folder and its children.

Drag & drop

Test plan folder can be dragged and dropped to change its position at same level in hierarchy or to make it a child of other folder in hierarchy (other than its own children).

More than one folders can be selected using Ctrl key, and dropping all selected folders (that may be at different levels on tree currently) would change position for all and also the parent if they are dropped within a folder.

Deleting a folder

This action applies not only to the selected folder but also on all its children, a folder once deleted cannot be restored therefore utmost caution must be taken while deleting because this action would not only delete the selected folder but also all test plans that come under folder and its children.

Duplicating a folder

Duplicating also works on entire hierarchy of selected folder, so all the test plans under the current folder and its children would also be copied under the same parent to which the selected folder belongs.

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