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Managing Team Members

Manage users and their ranks

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Users make up the team and being an administrator it is important for you to manage them, so we have made sure that you can do that efficiently from Users page.

To build up a team you start by inviting other users

Once the users have been added there are certain operations that you can perform to manage them.

Upgrading a user to the rank of administrator

An administrator can change the rank for any other user (except the super administrator) to upgrade to administrator's rank.

This can be done by using the option available on hovering over the rank of user.

A word of caution: An administrator has virtually all the rights in all the projects and settings.

Downgrading an administrator to the rank of a limited rights user

If the access for a user is to be limited to certain projects and is to be controlled by the roles defined, then downgrading is possible by hovering over the rank of the user.

The user will no more be able to access all projects by default and perform administrative tasks once downgraded.

Making a user a super administrator

As an existing super administrator if you want to delegate your responsibilities to any other user in your team then this can be done by using the option available with actions menu shown on hovering over the space provided on right most column.

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