Filtering test cases
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Searching test cases when they are large in number can sometimes be a daunting task, filters are here to give the results you need in no time.

Test cases can be filtered on virtually all the fields, whether its their title, priority, tags, date they were created, their last run status or even on the custom fields.

It is possible to have filters on more than one fields, that way you further narrow down your search results.

Process of selecting filter criteria can be different for different types of fields, some may require you to enter the text to search for and a condition, while for some you simply select a value.

Clear removes all the filters applied and resets the test cases list to show all the records.

Saving filters

Save your commonly used filters, so you do not have to define them again. Whether it is based on a single column or multiple columns, filters can be saved for future use making them easier to be re-applied.

You can either save your filter for yourself or make it accessible to everyone in your project.

Advanced filters

If you are a premium or enterprise plan user then you would get advanced filters.

Exporting filtered data

You can have the filtered data exported in a CSV file with all columns or only selected columns. Read more about it here

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