Test cases are the core of TestCollab.

TestCollab makes sure that all the test cases are easily accessible and manageable, that is why we have designed the test case page.

What can be done with these test cases?

You can perform virtually all types of operations on test cases, like

Managing columns visibility

By default you see data for a fewer columns, you can use Columns panel to the right of the grid to show more columns, similarly you can hide the columns by deselecting them on columns list.

Every column has a column menu, with following options

  • Pin / Unpin a column

  • Autosize column to adjust its width according to content

  • Resize manually by pulling its border

  • Drag the column to change its position

Sorting test cases

It is as simple as clicking on the column header. Consecutive clicks on the column header change the sort direction between ascending, descending, and none.

If you click another column header while holding the SHIFT key, you can sort the list on multiple columns, but the column selected last will have the lowest importance in the sort order.

Setting a manual sequence

On top of these sorting options, users can keep a custom sequence. Each test case title has a drag icon that when clicked and dragged will move the test case to a different position in the list.

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